A downloadable game for Windows

The story, simply put:

"This is the last water!

Let's destroy nihilists."

Trivia: 12 km stands for "twelve kilometers". A post-apocalyptic world would obviously use metric measurements to indicate distances between settlements.


Two play in multiplayer, two gamepads must be connected. Only the XBox 360 gamepad is supported. 

Player One is the driver & Player Two is the gunner.

The Driver must drive around, gather metal scrap and avoid enemy cars.

The Gunner must build defenses / weapons and destroy enemy cars

  • A : Select / Build / Use
  • B : Release / Cancel
  • Left Thumbstick : Move around


12km.zip 29 MB


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What are the controls? All I could figure out was moving around the truck.

I've updated the description, sorry for the missing instructions :p